watch the mellow smell of sound

// shooting beautiful Salon Hochstetter (

// personal top live act at The Future Sound (10.10.2014@Stwst, Linz): DIMLITE

// The Reboot Joy Confession / Abby Lee Tee / Mehmet Acuma

// The Future Sound with Pomrad & Band and lovely Andaka (1.10.2014 @ Stwst Linz)

// snippets of Afropea Now! 2014 @ Stwst, Linz

// ‘cocoon’ selfassembled & selfdestroyed at #schmiede14 / video mapping: Clarissa Seidel / animation: Kerstin Unger / much love: Cinema Vertigo / installation: Andreea Săsăran

New video work! With lovely illustrations: and co-directing:

»The “Küche am Graben” is going to be a kitchen you can rent (integrated in the restaurant “Wirt am Graben”). It can be used for private cooking events, for professional cooking classes, for cooking shows etc. In order to make it happen, the crowdfunding campaign is launched on where people can support the idea financially.«

// shooting new in: MIRA by —>

location: Salon Hochstetter

// outsiders on film

♥ dulce Românie ♥ 

// outsiders on film

// when the grayscale turns to colours

// print installation of illustrations, images and nature from our ‘MELTINGSPHERE’ project at Acces Art 2014 - Timisoara, Botanic Park.

We thank the festival and the visitors!

Katja & Andreea

// happy kids day! 1st of june! View high resolution

// happy kids day! 1st of june!

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